The vampire cowboy's//
the inexplicable redemption of agent g

March 24 - april 16 // 8pm curtain // tickets $18


It's been 10 years since Agent G has last been in Vietnam where his family and friends were all viciously slain. He's now come back looking for answers and a good bit of revenge, however mysterious forces are at hand trying to stop him as well as the playwright from finishing this brutal task.

After 8 years of exploding movie genre after movie genre onto the live stage, Vampire Cowboys now takes their irreverent pop-culture aesthetic and applies it to a true story in their most daring and risk-taking venture yet. He lost his country, his family, and his soul. But what he hasn't lost is his taste for revenge!

Written By Qui Nguyen
Directed By Robert Ross Parker

Scenic/Lighting Designer: Nick Francone
Costume Designer: Jessica Shay
Original Music Composer & Sound Designer: Shane Rettig
Multimedia Designer: Matthew Tennie
Puppet Designer: David Valentine
Dance Choreographer: Jamie Dunn
Fight Choreographers: Qui Nguyen & Adam Scott Mazer
Assistant Director: Dan Rogers
Production Stage Manager: Danielle Buccino*
Assistant Stage Manager: Amy VonVett
Production Assistant: Emily Edwards
Press Rep: Jim Baldassare

*Appears courtesy of Actor's Equity


William Jackson Harper*
Jon Hoche*
Bonnie Sherman*
Paco Tolson*
Amy Kim Waschke*


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