The New Performance Series is a co-production effort for companies and individual artists who are mounting a full production. The residency productions (usually world premieres) form the centerpiece of the Incubator Arts Project’s programming, and each season offers a varied collection of live art. The program is curated by Travis Just, Samara Naeymi, Daniel Nelson, Brendan Regimbal and Shannon Sindelar.

Please note that the call for applications happens on the Incubator website each fall. Programming is currently established through June 2013. The New Performance series does not offer development space but does include support from the Incubator staff for various aspects of production.

Anonymous Ensemble //
I Land

Anonymous Ensemble invites the audience to spend an evening on an island far from their daily lives, yet mysteriously inhabited by their inner lives. Anonymous Ensemble performances encompass the immediacy of live performance, the fluidity of film, and are profoundly interactive. This meticulously crafted performance event will investigate the evolution of our imaginations as Anonymous Ensemble leads the audience on an expedition into an uncharted terrain of commonplace fantasies and wildly improbable realities.

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Trish Harnetiaux //
if you can get to buffalo
An Exploration of “A Rape in Cyberspace” by Julian Dibbell
directed by eric nightengale

IF YOU CAN GET TO BUFFALO explores the rise and fall of a 1993 online playground called LambdaMOO, taking us on a hyperlinked journey that investigates the dark complexities and unexpected comedy underlying the birth of online relationships.

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Molly Murphy & Taylor Riccio//
LBJ's Greatest Hits & Molly Murphy and Neil deGrasse Tyson On Our Last Day On Earth.

Molly Murphy and Taylor Riccio split the bill to perform 2 new works in conversation with one another, and Lyndon B. Johnson... and Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

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Sara Farrington //
Near Vicksburg

Sara Farrington returns to the Incubator with a tightly-wound piece of Epic Theater about a Southern woman, her husband’s slave and a teenaged girl hiding in a tiny cave during the Civil War’s 47-day long Seige of Vicksburg.

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John Jesurun //
Chang in a void moon

John Jesurun brings his legendary “living film serial” to the Incubator Arts Project this Spring. Starting as a 20-min film in 1979, Chang in a Void Moon grew to be a weekly series at the Pyramid Club from 1982-1983, since then episodes have been performed in Zurich, Berlin, Munich, the Performing Garage, the Kitchen & La Mama. Chang... revolves around the exploits of a businessman by that name and his schemes to defraud the Peters clan, a wealthy family steeped in severe dysfunction and the production still follows a rigorous work schedule of writing a new script, rehearsing and performing all in the span of one-week. Jesurun will bring three brand new episodes to the Incubator this Spring, the first since 2005.

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Buran Theatre //
Magic Bullets

MAGIC BULLETS will see Buran Theatre creating a hybrid performance on the challenges and processes of healing, exploring the retreat to the accepted norm of “prescriptive health." Whether it’s anti-depressants, chemotherapy or romantic love - our crave for a quick fix has only ridden us more ill and over consumptive. So how can real healing occur? How do we know we are unwell? And can we ever return to health? Or is it always a journey away, to some other destination?

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Pioneers Go East Collective //
Maria Celeste (Galileo)

Pioneers Go East Collective returns with a video and opera performance set in an interactive architectural environment inspired by Maria Celeste’s life as a cloistered nun and her deep emotional attachment to her father, the scientist Galileo Galilei.

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Julia Jarcho & Alice Reagan //

NOMADS: a new play about getting lost. In the late 1930s, two American women drift free of their social ties, meet dangerous strangers, and circulate irresponsibly through other people's landscapes. Will their darker desires claim them forever? Probably. Inspired by the writings of Jane Bowles.

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Ozet //

KATORGA revolves around the experiences of a woman exiled to OZET’s prison colony for revolutionary activities in the turgid, waning days of the Fifteenth Generation. Electronic and acoustic music, spoken and sung text, gestural choreography, and an immersive environment all combine to vivify a richly imagined world where prisoners labor in dimly lit mushroom fields as wardens struggle to communicate with the givers of the law, and somewhere on the outskirts a hundred-year-old hermit is setting out tea for his missing son.

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