Short Form is an interdisciplinary forum for artists who are looking to explore new forms and styles in a community based workshop and performance situation. This program gives artists from a variety of backgrounds including theater, performance art, dance and installation, the opportunity to each create a small repertoire of four 10-minute performances that are thematically connected, but independent pieces of art. Where a short story has necessary structural differences from a novel, we are interested in exploring what similar structural changes and necessities arise in compressed durational theater.

In early April, four artists/groups will be chosen to work in parallel for four months. Approximately each month beginning in May, the artists will present a new short work to the general public in the Parish Hall of St. Mark's Church. The artists will also meet once a month to share with each other and the program curators their aesthetic and technical plans as well as discuss the previous month's showing. Artists will then take time to work on a culmination piece that is presented upstairs in November at the Incubator Arts Project as part of a Short Form Festival where each artist will perform 40-60 minutes of work that came out of the Short Form forum.


2013 Short Form


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Gillian Chadsey & Ivan Talijancic/waxfactory
Spell for Fainting #6 & 7
November 15th 8pm & November 16th 7pm

A Spell for Fainting is a cross-media spectacle of a woman as a symptomatic map of the hysterical body fragmented with juxtapositions, interruptions and tweets. The piece is a brand new ensemble work for a solo performer/PJ, a sound artist/DJ and a video artist/VJ. A Spell For Fainting is an improvisational piece, created anew for each performance by using disparate textual sources (The Seagull, Macbeth, Hamlet, Streetcar Named Desire, American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, YouTube instructional videos, etc), an array of musical selections and sounds, and a multitude of objects as an investigation in the chaos of creation. The performer is given a series of tasks to complete while the DJ/VJ team shifts through a constantly rotating series of textual sources, sound cues, light changes, and props placed in the performer’s path.

Evan Johnson and Chip Rodgers
November 14th 8pm & November 16th 930pm

Chip and Evan, two best friends, underwent Past-Life Regression Therapy. They meditated, held séances, surfed the Internet, and read tarot cards. They conjured up a ghost in Chip’s apartment. They talked a lot about themselves, and about their messed-up relationship. They talked about love, sex, religion, death, and the unknown. Alone, Chip now conjures up his past in a solo performance-journal made with the fragmentary recordings of their sessions. It’s about his life. The life he could have had. The one he might have next. And the next one. And the next. And the next.

this takes place close by
November 15th 8pm & November 16th 7pm

Written and performed by Gelsey Bell, Andrew Livingston, Paul Pinto, Erin Rogers, Dave Ruder and Jeffrey Young, This takes place close by, is a new set of operatic stories and scenes depicting people and places before, during and after a devastating storm. Told almost entirely in the dark and often by whispers, this immersive electronic opera explores the eerie and the absurd through soundscapes, song, speech and imagery.

BOOM BAT GESTURE Performance Group
ZOOM Thousand Time
November 14th 8pm & November 16th 930pm

ZOOM Thousand Time applies the process of zooming in and out to inspire significance in arbitrary details. The piece begins with the idea of the infinite zoom as an examination of the line between significance and arbitrariness. Zooming in and out is taken for granted in film and photography, and becoming ubiquitous in everyday life with touch screen technology. Applying the process of zooming in to live performance, ZTT brings microscopic focus on a single moment.