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rough approximations

october 26 - november 4//
new performance series

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In a small New England town a band of brothers and sisters come to terms with the mysterious death of their dear mother while exacting revenge on their mad father in Tenement’s take on a devil tale.

It’s the middle of the century in small town New England. After the accidental and mysterious drowning death of their dear mother, a band of young and rambunctious siblings appeal to their mad father for answers. Racked with guilt but unable to tell them the truth, he makes up stories hoping to silence their cries never discuss her again. Years later the siblings are all grown up. Each one is privately pursuing clues they hope might lead them to their mother when a town clerk inadvertently reveals too much and sets in motion a plan to exact revenge on whomever killed their mother.

Rough Approximations takes us from the middle of Boston to a dark place beneath a sinister river in Tenement’s take on a devil tale. At its heart, Rough Approximations takes inspiration from the classic Goethe’s Faust to the more contemporary Seafarer by Conner McPherson. The play is also about how we take responsibility for our families and where our obligations really lie. When the world calls for us to go in different directions, to whom do we ultimately align ourselves?

Rough Approximations is Tenement Street Workshop's second residency with Incubator Arts Project, their previous production DUST was presented as part of the 2011-2012 season.

Praise for Tenement Street Workshop's DUST, previously at Incubator Arts Project

"Crisply directed, strikingly designed, and sensitively acted by an ensemble that gives both depth to the characters' toddler-esque ignorance and a voice to the script's nimble, poetic style, Dust is not to be missed." - Sam Reisman, Flavorpill

Producer - Haley Rawson
Writer- John MacDonald 
Director - Eddie Prunoske
Producer - Patrick Letterii
Lights & Set - Jon Cottle
Stage Manager- Lydia Lavin
Costume Designer- Tara Devincenzo
Asst. Set/Lighting Designer- Aaron Greene

Carl McKinley – Dustin
Cameron Burns – Elmo
Katie Wieland – Florence
Austin Ruffer – Greg
Patrick Letterii – Markus
Daphne Gardner – Sterling
Devin Doyle – Olean
Nicholas Bonnar – Ralston
Keilly McQuail – Teamora

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Tenement Street Workshop was founded in 2008 as a theatre company but has since grown to work in film production, music promotion, and community activism. TSW also produces the Snowballs Theatre and Film Festivals. Theatre work includes: God On The Roof by John MacDonald & Patrick Letterii (CMU's Playground Festival), Rubble by Rebecca Berkman-Rivera (Hudson Theatre, LA), Cowboy Mouth by Sam Shepard (Site-specific NY/LA), Dust by John MacDonald (IAP), Escargot by Asa Merritt (Snowballs Festival 2012), Bodega by John MacDonald (Site-specific NY).


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